About Us


April Madden Studio is fueled by the love of rich luxurious textiles, especially vintage handmade fabrics from all across the globe. Our silhouettes are created with care to not only showcase these amazing fabrics, but set a precedence for size inclusivity. Using primarily vintage fabrics is our pleasure, but also our way of preserving the resources of our planet. The fashion industry is second only to the oil and gas industry in regards to annual pollution; being a small independent brand lends itself to a caring approach to both our clothing and the environment it exists in. Each of our pieces is lovingly designed and produced in the heart of Kansas City. We focus on quality garment construction such as French seams, bias binding created by hand, and narrowed rolled hems. These techniques are best suited for the delicate fabrics we adore, and to us, the inside of a garment should look as just good as the outside! We feel that the love and attention to detail we pour into each look passes on to each of our lovely customers as they move freely in our clothing, feeling the joy of wearing something as special and unique as they are.


 April Madden: Founder, Designer

April Madden is the designer and creative force behind our brand. April learned to sew at the age of 12 taught by her Mother, Aunt and Grandmother: three women who continue to influence her every day. After completing her degree in Fashion Design April spent the next 18 years of her career as a freelance Costume Designer as well as creating custom Evening and Bridal wear for clients.

Moving to Kansas City six years ago allowed her to pivot completely and focus on the creation of her own clothing line. The years as a costume designer not only deepened her love of fashion history, but also for the origins of the handmade traditional textiles that now inspire every garment in her collections.

The importance of a well made garment leans heavily on it's "fit", and although custom pieces are always an option, April focuses on creating one of a kind pieces that are inclusive to all shapes and sizes. 



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