Summer 2020: a summer like no other

Summer 2020 is a summer we will all remember, a summer that we will talk about for our lifetime and one that will be read about for generations to come. Being a small independent designer during a global pandemic and in the midst of great social unrest makes one wonder if our calling in life is truly relevant and necessary for the current world view. We strive keep an upbeat vibe staying focused on what we do best: making our world more beautiful by making beautiful pieces. But is that enough? 

Recently we were at City Market, our favorite place to shop for local produce and ethnic food stuffs (they have everything from spices to local wine and spirits!). During this outing I decided to wear my Nooworks magic suit (please visit Nooworks on their website or Instagram to learn more about Jen, her amazing clothing line, and the beautiful people that make up her team). This jumpsuit is a wonder of a thing, as it fits all body types; a jumpsuit is usually the bane of our existence, either to short or to long in somewhere or another, but this one fits in all the right places. And let's not forget about the print! Jen teams up with artists to create prints that are visually stunning; these pieces stop people in their tracks so they can gush about how much they love your jumpsuit (even though we are supposed to be social distancing and everyone has a mask on), and for those moments, I felt like a human being again. I could see the smiles behind those masks and feel the excitement they felt at seeing me in this joyous jumpsuit (and its chorus of colorful Dancing Ladies!) and I realized that yes, we ARE important at this time and our voice has something to say. 

We are so very fortunate to have loyal clients that have continued to buy throughout these lean months and whose excitement continues to inspire us to create new pieces. Our ultimate goal is for our pieces to inspire outbursts from strangers, to give your life a new a moment of shared joy, and to bask in the glow of knowing that at that moment, you were your best self and the garment you where wearing inspired you to be so. 

With love and blessings,

April Madden

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  • Your sister just walked into our offices looking like the most beautiful goddess! The STUNNING caftan/dress she was wearing literally stopped me in my tracks. I am in love with your clothing and although you are currently sold out on several of the pieces I’d be interested in I am excited that I get to follow you and one day find a gorgeous “fit” that will make someone fall out of their chair like I did when she walked in the room! Beautiful work April! I’m glad I found you.

    Kuma Roberts

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